Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And the point is...

It's an interesting time we've all found ourselves living in. I don't even mean politically, socially or any other tangible category. For me, it's a mix of cliche'd "real world anxiety" common with young adults and partially a genuine belief that yes, you are justified; you will never quite fit in. It's the square peg in the circle thing for a little visual cue. In the past few years, I have found myself exploring interests that I never thought I would have. Although music has always been an essential aspect of my life, I never thought I would feel so passionately about music that people could not make sense of. It seems I always get a puzzled look.

I remember going to a show on the beach in New York. After dragging my friends out to a night of undulating bass and screaming Europeans I had finally conceded to catch the next train and go home. All of a sudden I heard the familiar percussion of Style of Eye's "Hide" emanating from the disheveled tent and I immediately ran back onto the floor. "Oh! I Love this song! Sorry guys, be right back..." After another ten minutes of frantically getting my ya-ya's out, I came back out and we started the journey home, but not before my friend, Rashida, could answer some yearning questions. "I had fun and everything, but how could you say that you love that song? I mean, how could you even tell them apart." It brought me to a stubborn ponder.

I realized that I did not have some special gene (or disorder for that matter) that made me especially susceptible to liking these types of sounds. I guess after a while my brain simply adjusted, like eyes to dark, and began picking up minute details in absence of the traditional verse-chorus-verse that kept me completely enthralled. As much of those small details have given me joy, the difficulty communicating the feeling and the importance of such small details has proved exhausting. Sometimes, I just don't see the point (see what I did there), but my passion to listen, write, and share still exists so unless someone wants to financially support a promising interest in painkillers this is how I'm going to get my ya-ya's out.

Basically, I decided to begin this in the interest of sharing everything I love and to spotlight the music/art/fashion/technology that go overlooked when we fail to focus on the more minute details. Hopefully, this will turn people on to some new something, but at the very least, I hope it encourages people to look harder instead of just blindly swallowing whatever is put in front of them. In exchange for your potential readership, I promise to never describe music using the words; "banger", "dope", or "tha shizz."

Alex Smoke - Don't See The Point

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Alex Smoke fuses blank-faced minimalism with an emotional intensity seldom approached by producers of today. As a former member of the Durham Cathedral Choir, Smoke uses his classical chops to construct an abstract picture of indifference in the modern age. Taken from his 2005 album, Incommunicado. Enjoy.

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